When a person suffers an injury, it can have devastating consequences on every aspect of their life. The ability to earn a living can be lost. Sky-high medical bills can accumulate in the blink of an eye. Credit can be ruined in an instant. Frequently, this leads to the need to effectively manage the personal injury recovery at the time of the settlement. This is where the Settlement Management National Pooled Trust (SMNPT) can help.

By joining the SMNPT, an injury victim can protect their settlement proceeds, have professional management of their monies with affordable trustee fees, and obtain needed healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act. SMNPT can provide taxable distributions to make sure the injury victim can get the maximum tax subsidies.

The Trustee

A pooled trust must be established by a non-profit organization. SMNPT was established by The Foundation for Those With Special Needs, Inc. (FTWSN). FTWSN is the Trustee of the SMNPT. FTWSN is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping those with special needs and supporting other charitable organizations that protect and promote the civil justice system. The Foundation was created as a way to give back to the civil justice system, support those who need its protections, and serve as a trustee for SMNPT.

The Trust Administrator

True Link is a diversified financial services firm offering a range of money management, investment, and insurance products. Dedicated to empowering its customers to lead independent and fulfilling lives, True Link leverages deep financial expertise and the best of Silicon Valley technology across all of these services. Offering a suite of investment services and technology-based solutions designed specifically for special needs trusts and pooled trusts, True Link partners with almost half of the pooled trusts in the United States and serves families and beneficiaries in all 50 states. Services include the True Link Card, a reloadable payment card used to make compliant funds disbursements from special needs trusts, and True Link Financial Advisors, their wealth management division.


SMNPT’s fees are by far one of the lowest in the country.

One-time fee at inception of $500.00

Annual fee: 1.5% (.75% fee for administration and .75% fee for asset management based on the assets held in trust)*

* Calculated as a percentage of assets held in the trust and taken out quarterly. For example, if there is $100,000 in the trust during each quarter, then the total annual fee would be $1,500 (1.5% x $100,000). It would be taken out each quarter in $250.00 increments.

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